Department of Literature and Languages

Dr. Hui Wu, Chair

The study of English is superb preparation for work in a wide variety of fields. With a firm grounding in the liberal arts, English majors are readied for any career that requires critical reading, orderly and clear thinking, and effective writing. The B.A. in English is the most preferred degree by law schools. Other career options include businesses that require mature writing and analytical skills, government and collegiate personnel, advanced English and non-English graduate programs to become professors or researchers, editorial work for publishers, magazines, or media, and school education, etc.

By supplementing their English major with minors in areas such as Asian studies, business, Medieval and Renaissance studies, pre-law, philosophy, or Spanish, many English graduates go on to their careers in information technology, human resources, public communication, management, marketing, and government service. When combined with prerequisite courses in other departments, the English major provides excellent preparation for graduate work in almost all fields.