Bachelor of Business Administration

Total 120 semester credit hours


The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) prepares students for positions as executives, managers, and specialists in businesses and other organizations. Such an education provides an opportunity to:

  1. understand contemporary business culture;
  2. appreciate the historical evolution of business, and develop an awareness of the social and economic influences in the global community;
  3. encourage social responsibility and community service;
  4. understand major functional areas of business, their relationships, and develop some degree of specialization and application; and
  5. prepare for graduate study.

Students are encouraged to establish a firm base of humanities, arts, and sciences; to develop analytical capability; to investigate major functional areas of business; and to recognize that the role of leadership in the modern business system is vitally important for community progress and economic development.

Admission to the Bachelor of Business Administration Programs

Transfer and freshmen students who are admitted to UT Tyler and interested in pursuing a BBA degree should select one of the following majors: accounting, finance, management, or marketing. Students must maintain an overall grade point average of 2.0 and receive a "C" or higher in each of the required courses except the upper-level electives. The following Pre-Business courses should be completed before enrolling in Business Core or Major courses:

Pre-Business Courses

Introduction to Business

Accounting Principles - Financial Accounting. Managerial Accounting

Computer Literacy

*Economic Principles - Microeconomics, Macroeconomics



*Computer applications adapted to the solution of business problems (equivalent to COSC 1307).

**Public speaking with an emphasis on the preparation and presentation of professional speeches, using computer technology when appropriate.

Transfer of Credit

Only grades of “C” and above may apply towards degree requirements.

General Baccalaureate Degree Requirements

The College of Business and Technology offers a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree with majors in accounting, finance, management, and marketing, which requires:

  1. A minimum of 120 semester credit hours.
  2. At least 50 percent of the upper-division business courses must be taken at UT Tyler.
  3. In no event may a student register for the graduation semester until the completion of all prerequisites.
  4. A minimum grade point average of 2.0 in all upper-division work undertaken and a minimum grade of “C” in each course in the major.
  5. A common Business Core of 28 hours (see course list below).
  6. Eighteen upper-division hours in the Major. At least 12 hours in the Major must be completed at UT Tyler.
  7. Twelve additional upper-division hours, at least nine of which must be taken in the College of Business and Technology.
  8. Two additional lower- or upper-level hours should be selected from the CBT approved list.

Common Business Core (31 hrs.)

The Common Business core courses are as follows, with variations by Major, as noted with a minimum grade of "C":

MANA 3300Critical and Analytical Thinking in Business

MANA 3312International Business

FINA 3311Principles of Finance

BLAW 3301Business Law and Social Responsibility

MANA 3370Business Writing and Oral Presentations

MANA 3170Build and Manage a Successful Career

MANA 3305Operations Management

MANA 3311Fundamentals of Management

MARK 3311Principles of Marketing

MANA 4395Strategic Management

COSC 3333Management Information Systems

  1. Accounting majors must complete ACCT 4391: Accounting Information Systems rather than COSC 3333.
  2. MANA 4395 should be taken after above courses in the common business core are completed, or with permission of the department chair.

Freshman Admission

Freshman seeking the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) as the intended degree should declare one of the following majors: 





During the freshman and sophomore years each student should complete the University Core Curriculum and the Pre-Business courses. Check with your advisor for courses that currently meet the core curriculum requirements. The courses listed below represent an acceptable plan

Core Curriculum (42 hrs.)

Communication (6 hrs.)

The following two courses are recommended:
ENGL 1301College Composition I [TCCN: ENGL 1301]

SPCM 1315Fundamentals of Speech Communication [TCCN: SPCH 1315]


BBA Majors: The following course is recommended:
MATH 1342Statistics [TCCN: MATH 1342]

Mathematics (3 hrs.)

MATH 1332Math for Liberal Arts Majors I [TCCN: MATH 1332]


MATH 1343Statistics II


Life and Physical Sciences (6 hrs.)

Select courses from the approved University Core Curriculum list.

Language, Philosophy and Culture (3 hrs.)

Select course from the approved University Core Curriculum list.

Creative Arts (3 hrs.)

Select course from the approved University Core Curriculum list.

Human Expression (3 hrs.)

ENGL 1302College Composition II [TCCN: ENGL 1302]

American History (6 hrs.)

HIST 1301United States History I [TCCN: HIST 1301]

HIST 1302United States History II [TCCN: HIST 1302]

Government/Political Science (6 hrs.)

POLS 2305Introductory American Government [TCCN: GOVT 2305]

POLS 2306Introductory Texas Politics [TCCN: GOVT 2306]

Social and Behavioral Sciences (3 hrs.)

BBA Majors: The following course is recommended:

ECON 2301   Principles of Macroeconomics

All other CBT majors:  Select one of the following recommended courses:

ECON 1301Introduction to Economics [TCCN: ECON 1301]

ECON 2301Principles of Macroeconomics [TCCN: ECON 2301]

Pre-Business Core (27 hrs.)

Note: Some courses required for the Pre-Business can meet the core curriculum requirements.


ACCT 2301Principles of Financial Accounting [TCCN: ACCT 2301]

ACCT 2302Principles of Managerial Accounting [TCCN: ACCT 2302]


MANA 1300Introduction to Business [TCCN: BUSI 1301]


ECON 2301Principles of Macroeconomics [TCCN: ECON 2301]

ECON 2302Principles of Microeconomics [TCCN: ECON 2302]


Computer Applications

COSC 1307Introduction to Information Systems Software [TCCN: BCIS 1305]


SPCM 1311Introduction to Communication Studies [TCCN: SPCH 1311]


SPCM 1315Fundamentals of Speech Communication [TCCN: SPCH 1315]



MATH 1342Statistics [TCCN: MATH 1342]


MATH 1314College Algebra [TCCN: MATH 1314]


MATH 1332Math for Liberal Arts Majors I [TCCN: MATH 1332]


MATH 1343Statistics II