University Requirements for Doctoral Degree

  1. Satisfactory completion of all coursework required by the plan of study.
  2. Satisfactory completion of the Preliminary Examination
  3. Registration for at least three credit hours during the semesters in which the Preliminary Examination and the Oral Dissertation Defense are taken and during the semester in which graduation is expected.
  4. Completion of the required residency requirements before Candidacy is awarded.
  5. Graduate cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0
  6. Satisfactory completion of the Oral Dissertation Defense.
  7. Submission of both a hard copy and electronic version of the approved dissertation, a separate copy of the dissertation abstract, copy of Human Subjects or Animal Subjects approval form (if required), Survey of Earned Doctorates, payment of the doctoral hood and thesis binding fees.
  8. Completion of Ph.D. degree requirements within five years after being admitted to candidacy.
  9. Completion of any incomplete coursework within 30 days of the final day of the graduation term.
  10. Complete the Application for Graduation form and return it to the Enrollment Services Center. Refer to the Application for Graduation Deadlines section for filing deadlines.