Pass/Fail Policy

To register for a class on a Pass/Fall basis, a student must have the signatures of his/her advisor and the instructor for the course.

  1. Students may take only one course per semester for P/F credit. Students may take only three courses on a pass/fail basis during their graduate career at UT Tyler.
  2. The P/F option may not be used for any course that fulfills graduate degree requirements.
  3. If you are on academic probation, you may not enroll in a course on a P/F basis.
  4. A course cannot be changed from a P/F basis to letter grade or vice versa after the first five class days.
  5. A final grade of P will not be changed to a grade of A, B, C, or D.
  6. A final grade of P will be counted in the total number of hours passed.