Life Science or Science Teacher Certification

All students wishing to be certified in life science (7-12) or science (4-8) in Texas public schools must complete the Academic Foundations, Professional Development, required science courses (7-12 requires completion of the Life Science Certification Option as described below), and meet the requirements described in the Certification section of the College of Education and Psychology section of this catalog. For further information see a consultant in the School of Education.

Bachelor Science in Biology: Life Science Secondary Teacher Certification Option--Total Semester Credit Hours=123

University Core Curriculum—(42 hrs.)

2.0 grade point average in all required upper-division courses attempted

A grade of "C" or better in all courses used for certification

Lower division preparation (32 hrs.; 14 hrs. of which are included in the University Core Curriculum)

BIOL 1306General Biology I [TCCN: BIOL 1306]

BIOL 1106General Biology I Laboratory [TCCN: BIOL 1106]

BIOL 1307General Biology II [TCCN: BIOL 1307]

BIOL 1107General Biology II Laboratory [TCCN: BIOL 1107]

CHEM 1311General Chemistry I [TCCN: CHEM 1311]

CHEM 1111General Chemistry I Laboratory [TCCN: CHEM 1111]

CHEM 1312General Chemistry II [TCCN: CHEM 1312]

CHEM 1112General Chemistry II Laboratory [TCCN: CHEM 1112]

MATH 2413Calculus I [TCCN: MATH 2413]

MATH 2414Calculus II [TCCN: MATH 2414]

PHYS 1301College Physics I [TCCN: PHYS 1301]

PHYS 1101College Physics I Laboratory [TCCN: PHYS 1101]

PHYS 1302College Physics II [TCCN: PHYS 1302]

PHYS 1102College Physics II Laboratory [TCCN: PHYS 1102]


PHYS 2325University Physics I [TCCN: PHYS 2325]

PHYS 2125University Physics I Laboratory [TCCN: PHYS 2125]

PHYS 2326University Physics II [TCCN: PHYS 2326]

PHYS 2126University Physics II Laboratory [TCCN: PHYS 2126]

Upper division biology courses

Biology Core (13 hrs.)

BIOL 3332Genetics

BIOL 3133Genetics Laboratory

BIOL 3336Ecology

BIOL 3137Ecology Laboratory

BIOL 3334Cell Biology

BIOL 3144Physiology Laboratory

BIOL 4114Scientific Communication I

Distribution Requirements (one course from each group)

Group I
BIOL 4305Aquatic Biology

BIOL 4105Aquatic Biology Lab

BIOL 4331Entomology

BIOL 4132Entomology Laboratory

BIOL 4340Ornithology

BIOL 4141Ornithology Laboratory

Group II
BIOL 4300Microbiology

BIOL 4101Microbiology Laboratory

BIOL 4302Cell and Molecular Biology

BIOL 4102Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory


Group III
BIOL 4304Biogeography

BIOL 3329Genomics

BIOL 3350Conservation Biology

BIOL 4350Immunology

Group IV
BIOL 4335Vertebrate Natural History

BIOL 4136Vertebrate Natural History Laboratory

BIOL 3343Physiology

BIOL 3144Physiology Laboratory

BIOL 4306Bioinformatics

BIOL 4106Bioinformatics Lab


Additional upper-division chemistry courses (11-12 hours)

CHEM 3342Organic Chemistry I

CHEM 3143Organic Chemistry I Laboratory


CHEM 3344Organic Chemistry II

CHEM 3145Organic Chemistry II Laboratory

CHEM 4334Biochemistry I

CHEM 4135Biochemistry I Laboratory

CHEM 3310Analytical Chemistry

CHEM 3111Analytical Chemistry Laboratory


MATH 1342Statistics [TCCN: MATH 1342]