Criminal Justice B.S.


The major objectives of the criminal justice program are to prepare students for a wide variety of professional careers involving social needs such as the criminal justice system and human services. The program provides an opportunity for persons currently serving in the criminal justice system to continue their education. This discipline also complements the education received by students in related disciplines and fosters an understanding of the role and function of the criminal justice system.

Degree Requirements

Total Semester Credit Hours=120

University Core Curriculum (42 hrs.)

No grade below a "C" in criminal justice courses will be accepted toward the degree.

Prerequisite for upper division course work:


CRIJ 1301Introduction to Criminal Justice

Minimum 36 semester hours of upper-division criminal justice.

Ethical Issues--three semester hours

CRIJ 3310Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice

Administration of Justice--three semester hours

CRIJ 3311Administration of Criminal Justice Agencies

Criminology Theory--three semester hours

CRIJ 3320Criminology

Corrections--three semester hours from:

CRIJ 4313Corrections Theory and Practice

CRIJ 4314Community-based Corrections

CRIJ 3322Probation and Parole

Law Adjudication--six semester hours:

CRIJ 3326Criminal Law

CRIJ 4341Criminal Procedure

Law Enforcement--three semester hours:

CRIJ 4333Community Policing

CRIJ 2332Introduction to American Policing Practices

CRIJ 4332Criminal Investigation

CRIJ 2332: for students with fewer than 12 hours of lower-division criminal justice

CRIJ 4332: for students with prerequisite of at least one policing course

Research and Methods--three semester hours:

CRIJ 4322Criminal Justice Research Methods

Capstone Experience--three semester hours:

CRIJ 4355Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice

9 hrs of upper division electives in Criminal Justice

A minor of 18 hours, chosen in consultation with the student's major advisor


Notes: (1) No more than 21 lower-division hours in criminal justice may be applied toward baccalaureate degree requirements. (2) All courses cross-listed between criminal justice and any other discipline must be taken as criminal justice courses.