Health and Kinesiology B.A. with a Minor in Entrepreneurship

Total Semester Credit Hours=120

The mission of the Bachelor of Arts Degree Program in Health and Kinesiology with a Minor in Entrepreneurship is to develop understanding of health, kinesiology and the business skills necessary to become an entrepreneur. This program prepares students for entry-level careers in health- and exercise-related professions, including positions in clinical, public and business settings, and provides them with the skill set necessary to become an entrepreneur in a health- and/or exercise-related field.

To graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Health and Kinesiology, the student must:

  1. complete the University’s baccalaureate degree requirements;
  2. complete the Departmental curriculum requirements (shown below); and
  3. be awarded a grade of C or better in all courses used to meet degree requirements.


University Core (42 hours)

The student must complete 8 hours of lab science in biology, chemistry, or physics (in addition to anatomy and physiology). The 2 hours of credit for these labs are not required to meet the University’s core requirements but are a Departmental requirement. ECON 1301: Introduction to Economics is required for the Minor in Entrepreneurship and meets the social and behavioral sciences requirement of the University core curriculum.

Departmental Lower-Division Requirements (13 hours)

ALHS 1300Personal and Community Wellness

BIOL 2301Anatomy and Physiology I [TCCN: BIOL 2301]

BIOL 2101Anatomy and Physiology I Laboratory [TCCN: BIOL 2101]

BIOL 2302Anatomy and Physiology II [TCCN: BIOL 2302]

BIOL 2102Anatomy and Physiology II Laboratory [TCCN: BIOL 2102]

BIOL CHEM or PHYS Labs 2 hrs

Health and Kinesiology Core Courses (45 hours)

ALHS 3302Human Diseases

ALHS 3352Consumer Health

ALHS 3360Principles of Community and Public Health

ALHS 4304Program Design and Evaluation

ALHS 4320Principles of Epidemiology

HECC 4308Ethics

HECC 4370Internship

KINE 3303Motor Development

KINE 3306Fitness Assessment Skills

KINE 3311Physiology of Exercise

KINE 3112Physiology of Exercise Laboratory

KINE 3331Human Motor Control and Learning

KINE 3132Human Motor Control and Learning Laboratory

KINE 3334Biomechanics and Anatomical Kinesiology

KINE 3135Biomechanics and Anatomical Kinesiology Laboratory

KINE 4304Principles of Training: Endurance

KINE 4305Principles of Training: Strength and Power

ALHS 3352 Consumer Health will substitute for MARK 3350 Consumer Behavior for the Minor in Entrepreneurship

Cognate Courses (20 hours)

Electives (2 hours approved by advisor)
Eighteen hours of Business courses:

ACCT 3300Accounting and Finance for Small Business and Entrepreneurs

FINA 3315Personal Finance

MANA 3311Managing People in Organizations

MANA 3325Entrepreneurship

MANA 4320New Venture Planning

MARK 3311Principles of Marketing