Industry Specific Preparation

Students who wish to develop a specific foundation to pursue their desired career objective may tailor the MBA program to meet specific requirements of certain industries, positions, or business sectors. Such preparation in the MBA program may be accomplished via targeting the nine (9) semester credit hours of elective courses to enhance a student’s skill set within a specific field of study.

Health Care Management

The MBA Health Care Management specific program is designed to provide students with industry relevant knowledge in the fundamental areas of the health care profession. The industry specific concentration develops skills relevant to the health care profession and provides exposure to contemporary issues in health care. Applicants with three or more years of extensive health care work experience can request to have the GMAT requirement waived by the Graduate Advisor. Relevant courses might include: MARK 5370, MANA 5361, and MANA 5375.

Quality Management

Individuals with specializations in quality management are attractive across a broad spectrum of industries and in both the service and manufacturing sectors of the economy. Students interested in this area of specialization should select courses from across the university that focus on quality issues, and should consider taking TECH 5310: Six Sigma Quality, TECH 5320: Total Quality Management, and TECH 5335: Lean Management.

Organizational Development

Students interested in careers in Organizational Development are likely to find positions as internal consultants in large organizations or with either professional consulting firms or the business consulting services associated with management development and accounting firms. Students interested in this area should consider enrolling in HRD 5352: Organizational Development, HRD 5344: Conflict Resolution, HRD 5343: Foundations of HRD.