Tuition and Fee Exemptions

Certain students are exempt from paying tuition and some of the required fees by state law. Specific eligibility requirements under these provisions can be obtained from the Student Financial Aid Office. Applications for exemptions must be completed prior to the census date for the semester. Exempt classifications include the following:

  1. Residents of the State of Texas who were classified as Prisoners of War on or after January 1, 1999 and were Texas residents at the time they entered the armed services are exempt from tuition, required fees and other expenses related to attending the university.
  2. Residents of the State of Texas who are children of Prisoners of War or Persons Missing in Action are exempt from paying all tuition and required fees.
  3. Blind and/or deaf students eligible for the rehabilitation services of the State Commission for the Blind and/or the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation of the Texas Education Agency are exempt from all tuition and fees.
  4. Minor children and surviving spouses of firemen; peace officers, municipal, county or state peace officer or game warden disabled or killed-on-duty may be exempt from paying tuition and fees, and other expenses related to attending the university.
  5. Hazlewood Act benefits:
    1. Veterans (and dependents of veterans who died in active service) of World War II, Korean War, the Cold War, and certain other qualified veterans who have no remaining veterans’ administration educational benefits may be eligible for Hazlewood Act benefits for up to 150 credit hours if they were a resident of Texas at the time they entered the armed forces, currently reside in Texas, entered the service at a location in Texas, and received an honorable discharge from the service.
    2. Children or the spouse of members of the US armed forces, Texas National Guard and the Texas Air National Guard killed since January 1, 1946, while on active duty either in the service of their state or the United States may also be eligible under this provision. In order to qualify for benefits under the Hazlewood Act, the veteran must file with the Office of Student Financial Aid prior to registration each semester.
    3. Children or the spouse of members of the armed forces, the Texas National Guard, or the Texas Air National Guard who became totally disabled as a result of a service-related injury.
  6. Residents of the State of Texas who are 65 years of age or older may audit courses without paying the regular audit fees, providing class space is available.
  7. Residents of the State of Texas who are 65 years of age or older may enroll in the fall, spring, and summer semesters and receive an exemption for the cost of tuition for up to six hours each semester.
  8. Individuals who were in foster care or other residential care under the conservatorship of the Department of Protective and Regulatory Services should contact Office of Student Financial Aid to determine if they qualify for tuition and fees exemption.
  9. Police officers who are Texas residents and have become permanently disabled as a result of an injury suffered during the performance of a duty as a peace officer of this state or a political subdivision of this state, and are unable to continue employment as a peace officer because of the disability may be eligible for exemption of tuition for undergraduate courses and required fees.
  10. Certain members of the Texas National Guard may be exempt from tuition and mandatory fee for up to 12 semester credit hours.
  11. A student who has a voucher(s) from the Veterans Commission in $25 increments for having played "taps" at military honors funerals.
  12. A registered nurse serving as a clinical preceptor for undergraduates in a professional nursing program may be eligible for a $500 tuition exemption. The exemption may also apply to the nurse's children.
  13. The highest ranking high school graduate is exempt from tuition for the first two semesters following graduation.
  14. Adopted children who were formerly in foster or other residential care are exempt from tuition and fees.
  15. Children of certain faculty or staff members employed by the university's nursing program are exempt from tuition.
  16. Certain students who completed high school early or with at least 30 college credit hours may be eligible for tuition and fee exemptions ranging from $500 to $2000.
  17. Continued receipt of a tuition and fee exemption and/or waiver is conditioned on the student maintaining a GPA for making satisfactory academic progress and, if an undergraduate, not completing an excessive number of credit hours. (Texas Education Code, Sections 54.2001 and 54.2002)