Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences


The BAAS degree program is a degree specifically for students looking to finish their 4-year degree in an academic environment that recognizes the importance of balancing family, work, and other commitments. The flexible degree plan utilizes transfer credit from community colleges and other universities to provide a shorter route to completing a bachelor’s degree than many traditional programs. The BAAS curriculum focuses on 21st job skills such as creativity, leadership, and ethical decision making. Students have the option of pursuing areas of interest such as Entrepreneurship, Retailing, Health Studies, Wellness, Psychology, and many other areas that will support their career goals.


Please contact the BAAS advisor at (903) 565-5785 or to see how your credits would transfer into the degree and to map out a sound educational plan for your time at the University of Texas at Tyler.

Degree Requirements

The BAAS is a transfer degree. Therefore, students shall have earned 60 credit hours prior to admission into the program.

Core Curriculum

Forty-two (42) semester credit hours of University Core Curriculum requirements. (See the Core Curriculum requirements section of this catalog.)

BAAS Electives (36 hours)

Students may transfer up to 36 hours of electives to satisfy this degree requirement.

For those students with less than 36 transferable electives, students have the opportunity to acquire up to 15 hours of college credit for their work experience through Prior Learning Assessment (PLA). PLA is the process by which an individual’s learning that has been obtained through on-the-job experiences, corporate training, military training or experience, volunteer work, or self-guided study is evaluated for purposes of granting college credit. Through our partnership with the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL), students will be given the opportunity to develop a PLA Portfolio that will be assessed for college credit.

BAAS Job Skills Course Sequence (21 hours)

This required 21-hour course sequence is as follows:
UNIV 3330 21st Century Digital Citizenship and Information Literacy

UNIV 3331 Foundations in Creativity and Innovation
UNIV 3332 Workplace Applications
UNIV 3333 Foundations in Cultural Competence
UNIV 3334 Professional Ethics
UNIV 3335 Leadership Principles
UNIV 3336 Professional Portfolio Ethics

UT Tyler Content Area (21 hours)

Students will take enough courses from the identified areas of interest from UT Tyler to reach the 42-hour minimum of upper-division coursework needed to meet graduation requirements. It is suggested that students work closely with their advisor to tailor their 21 hours of content area upper level electives to support their future career path.