BBA MAcc: Integrated Approach

The integrated approach to the Master of Accountancy is a five-year program of undergraduate and graduate coursework that allows the student to earn the BBA and the MAcc degrees simultaneously. Students apply to the program upon completion of ACCT 3312, Intermediate Accounting II, and can take up to nine hours of graduate accounting coursework at undergraduate tuition rates.


Students are admitted to the integrated approach upon completion of at least 60 semester hours of coursework that includes ACCT 3311 and ACCT 3312.

International students pursuing the BBA/MAcc degree: English skills are essential for success in the MAcc program. As a result, it is important to demonstrate the ability to speak, read, write, and understand English through the TOEFL or IELTS. Official scores for either the internet-based TOEFL or IELTS must be on the student’s record prior to the application deadline, even if s/he was allowed to waive the TOEFL or IELTS for admission to the University. Only applicants from English-speaking countries are allowed to waive this requirement. Please visit the GIAC website for a list of countries which qualify for the waiver. The preferred minimum for the TOEFL is 105 overall, with a minimum of 24 for each individual section or a minimum band score of 7.5 for the IELTS. If previously-submitted test scores do not accurately reflect the applicant’s current English proficiency, it is strongly recommended to retake the test to increase scores.

Admission is based on the applicant’s University grade point average, SAT Reasoning Test or ACT scores, and GMAT scores, as well as other relevant examples of academic ability and leadership. An applicant with a University grade point average of less than 3.00 is unlikely to be admitted to this program. Admission may be restricted by the availability of instructional resources.

Degree seeking undergraduate students in the process of completing all upper-division prerequisite courses at UT Tyler are eligible to apply for admission to the MAcc program and have the GMAT waived during the semester when they are taking ACCT 3312 -Intermediate Accounting II if they meet the following criteria:

  • Have declared a major in accounting.
  • Have attained an overall grade point average (GPA) of at least a 3.4.
  • Have completed at least 3 upper-division accounting courses and attained a cumulative grade point average (GPA) in all upper-division accounting courses completed of at least a 3.6. Intermediate Accounting I must be one of these courses. 
  • Earned a grade of ‘B’ or better and have no ‘W’s in the MAcc prerequisite courses taken at the time of application. These courses must be taken at UT Tyler.

Students who do not meet the GPA requirements may still apply for admission into the Master of Accountancy before they complete their undergraduate degree but must submit a GMAT score. A GMAT score of 500 is recommended for admission. 

Before beginning the fifth year, integrated approach students must be admitted to the MAcc program. Students must complete at least two long-session semesters in residence in the MAcc program. Application forms must be submitted by February 1 of the student’s fourth year. Students must have completed the following BBA degree requirements before the application deadline: the University Core Curriculum, courses needed to declare a major, the lower-division business core, and MANA 3370.

Satisfactory Progress

Students are expected to make continuous progress toward the degree by completing required accounting coursework each semester. Students who fail to take required accounting coursework two long-session semesters in a row will be removed from the program and placed in the unspecified business major. Students will be notified before this action is taken; they must meet with the MAcc Director upon being notified. 


A student is placed on probation if his or her grade point average in core undergraduate accounting courses falls below 3.00. Except with the consent of the MAcc Director, a student on probation may not take graduate accounting courses. 


The student is dismissed from the integrated approach if (1) he or she fails to improve his or her academic performance significantly while on probation, or (2) he or she will not achieve a grade point average of 3.00 even by earning grades of A in all remaining core undergraduate accounting courses. 


To receive a MAcc degree, a student must have a grade point average of at least 3.00 in all coursework taken as part of the minimum 30 hour MAcc degree. He or she must also have a grade point average in graduate accounting coursework of at least 3.00. 

Degree Requirements

The requirements for the Integrated BBA/MAcc program are:

  1. Undergraduate coursework
    1. The Core Curriculum requirements and the BBA Degree Requirements.
    2. ACCT 3170, ACCT 3311, ACCT 3312, ACCT 3315, ACCT 3325, ACCT 3326, ACCT 4380 and BLAW 4340
    3. Additional elective work, if necessary, to provide a total of at least 120 semester hours of undergraduate coursework.
  2. Graduate coursework
    1. ACCT 5335, ACCT 5355, ACCT 5360, ACCT 5380, ACCT 5385, ACCT 5395 and BLAW 5310.
    2. Nine hours of graduate electives in accounting, business law, economics, finance, management or marketing approved by the MAcc Program Director. Students may choose to use their electives to meet the requirements of the Oil, Gas and Energy industry specialization. 

Suggested Five-Year Curriculum for the Integrated BBA/MAcc

Freshman Year

First Semester (15 hrs.)

ENGL 1301College Composition I [TCCN: ENGL 1301]

HIST 1301United States History I [TCCN: HIST 1301]

COSC 1307Introduction to Information Systems Software [TCCN: BCIS 1305]

MATH 1332Math for Liberal Arts Majors I [TCCN: MATH 1332]

Life and Physical Sciences (Core, 3 hrs.)

Second Semester (15 hrs.)

HIST 1302United States History II [TCCN: HIST 1302]

SPCM 1315Fundamentals of Speech Communication [TCCN: SPCH 1315]

MATH 1342Statistics [TCCN: MATH 1342]

MANA 1300Introduction to Business [TCCN: BUSI 1301]

Life and Physical Sciences (Core, 3 hrs.)

Sophomore Year

First Semester (15 hrs.)

POLS 2305Introductory American Government [TCCN: GOVT 2305]

ECON 2301Principles of Macroeconomics [TCCN: ECON 2301]

MANA 3300Critical and Analytical Thinking in Business

ACCT 2301Principles of Financial Accounting [TCCN: ACCT 2301]

Language, Philosophy and Culture (Core, 3 hrs.)

Second Semester (15 hrs.)

POLS 2306Introductory Texas Politics [TCCN: GOVT 2306]

ECON 2302Principles of Microeconomics [TCCN: ECON 2302]

ACCT 2302Principles of Managerial Accounting [TCCN: ACCT 2302]

MANA 3311Fundamentals of Management

ENGL 1302College Composition II [TCCN: ENGL 1302]


Junior Year

First Semester (15 hrs.)

ACCT 3311Intermediate Accounting I

ACCT 3325Federal Income Taxation

MARK 3311Principles of Marketing

BLAW 3301Business Law and Social Responsibility

ACCT 3170Build and Manage a Successful Accounting Career

Elective (2 hrs.)

Second Semester (15 hrs.)

ACCT 3312Intermediate Accounting II

ACCT 3315Cost Accounting

FINA 3311Principles of Finance

MANA 3370Business Writing and Oral Presentations

MANA 3312International Business

Senior Year

First Semester (15 hrs.)

ACCT 5360Advanced Problems in Accounting

COSC 3333Management Information Systems

MANA 3305Operations Management

Upper-level CBT Elective (3 hrs.)

Graduate elective (3 hrs.)

Second Semester (15 hrs.)

ACCT 4380Auditing

ACCT 5335Advanced Government and Not-for-Profit Accounting

MANA 4395Strategic Management

Graduate elective (3 hrs.)

Creative Arts (Core, 3 hrs.)

Fifth Year

Summer Semester I (6 hrs.)

ACCT 5380Advanced Auditing and Systems

Graduate elective (3 hrs.)

Fall Semester (9 hrs.)

ACCT 5355Strategic Cost Management

BLAW 4340Business and Professional Ethics

Upper-level CBT Elective (3 hrs.)

Spring Semester (9 hrs.)

ACCT 5385Advanced Accounting Research and Theory

BLAW 5310Business Legal Environment

Upper-level CBT Elective (3 hrs.)

Summer Semester II (6 hrs.)

ACCT 5395CPA Review Topics

Upper-level elective (3 hrs.)

Note: Total undergraduate hours must equal at least 120 and total graduate hours must equal at least 30.