Department of Technology

The Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology is accredited by the Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE). ATMAE accreditation ensures that the institution has met a series of standards to provide industry, business, education, and government with highly competent employees and assures the graduate of an ATMAE-accredited program that they are receiving a marketable degree through relevant curricula by offering the following degrees:

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology

Master of Science in Industrial Management

Core Competencies

The University of Texas at Tyler has determined that to be an educated person, a student needs certain intellectual skills in order to participate effectively in society and in the workplace. The faculty of the Department of Technology has identified seven skill sets, or core competencies, that fulfill the university’s definition of an educated person and simultaneously contribute to the core values of the Soules College of Business. These core competencies include:

  1. Computer software, database, and internet search skills,
  2. Oral and written communication skills
  3. Team-based skills including leadership and conflict resolution abilities,
  4. Critical thinking,
  5. Ethical Issues in decision making and behavior,
  6. Personal accountability for achievement,
  7. Competence in basic technology principles.