Honor Code Violations

UT Tyler Honor Code Violations: 

Please see the Student Responsibilities Section in Student Success Section of this catalog.

Student conduct that violates both the UT Tyler Honor Code and the FCOP Honor Code may be assessed and managed simultaneously and/or additional sanctions may be imposed through the FCOP Honor Code Violation assessment process. 

Fisch College of Pharmacy Honor Code Violations: Suspected academic violations of the honor code are communicated to the FCOP by submitting a copy of the Scholastic Dishonesty Report Form and, if applicable, the Scholastic Dishonesty Report to the FCOP Office of Academic Affairs.

Non-academic violations of the honor code (e.g. respect; honesty and integrity; legal and professional standards; and professionalism and ethical behavior) may be resolved between the faculty member and the student. Based upon the sanction imposed and are submitted to the FCOP Office of Academic Affairs.

When appropriate, information will be forwarded to the UT Tyler Office of Judicial Affairs and/or the college’s PASC for adjudication.

Sanctions: The Manual of Policies and Procedures for Student Success Subchapter 8-500 includes a list of possible sanctions that may be imposed as part of the UT Tyler Judicial Process. 

The PASC may impose sanctions or require additional sanctions following a violation of the college’s honor code. These include, but are not limited to: 

  • additional course or non-course assignments (e.g. reflection paper, community service);
  • admonition and/or restitution;
  • informal and formal warnings;
  • probation, suspension, or dismissal from the college;
  • recommended probation, suspension, or dismissal from the university (requires a referral to the Office of Judicial Affairs);
  • referral to appropriate outside legal (e.g., courts), regulatory (e.g., state boards of pharmacy) or professional authorities (e.g., counseling, Behavioral Intervention Team); and/or
  • direct referral to the UT Tyler Office of Judicial Affairs.

A copy of all PASC sanctions will be sent to the Office of Judicial Affairs. For those students suspended or dismissed from the college or those referred to outside agencies, the violation will also be automatically referred to the Office of Judicial Affairs adjudications.

Appeals: Please see the Professional and Academic Standards Committee Section in the FCOP Section of this catalog. 

Professionalism Concerns: Student conduct that does not violate the honor code, but is of concern may be reported through the Non-Academic Alert form available at www.uttyler.edu/pharmacy/student-handbook/. Examples of non-academic concerns include: dress code, professionalism, classroom behavior, absenteeism, tardiness, and ethical concerns.