Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate Program

For students who already hold a Master of Science in Nursing, the following Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate is available. Family Nurse Practitioner Certificates require completion of 20-29 semester credit hours. Students who have taken Advanced Pathophysiology, Advanced Health Assessment, and Advanced Nursing Pharmacotherapeutics within the past three years are not required to repeat those nine hours of coursework.

Certificate Requirements

Required Courses (20-29 hrs.)

NURS 5350Advanced Pathophysiology

NURS 5352Advanced Health Assessment for Nurse Practitioners

NURS 5354Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics

NURS 5111The Advanced Practice Role

NURS 5339Diagnostic Methods and Procedures

NURS 5351FNP Primary Care I

NURS 5353FNP Primary Care II

NURS 5455FNP Primary Care III

NURS 5347FNP Internship I

NURS 5349FNP Internship II

NOTE:  NURS 5352, NURS 5339, NURS 5351, NURS 5353, NURS 5455, NURS 5347, and NURS 5349 include lab or clinical hours

Completion of the Certificate

The successful completion of 20 - 29 semester credit hours is required in the Family Nurse Practitioner program (see courses listed above). Individuals receive college credit for each course completed. These courses will be listed on an official university transcript and a certificate of completion will be awarded by the School of Nursing.