Human Resource Development Ph.D.

The Soules College of Business offers a unique doctoral degree that focuses on human resource development (HRD) with a specialization in organization development and change (ODC) in the context of business and industry that integrates a strategic management perspective. The program is offered in an on-campus format that is designed to prepare human resource development scholars with a unique understanding of HRD within the context of business and management.

Doctoral Program Outcomes

The graduates of this program will be able to contribute to research and application in the areas of improving individual, group/team, and organizationperformance, developing leadership talent within organizations, and leading and facilitating change in organizations with  culturally diverse workforces.

The doctoral program outcomes for candidates who successfully complete the program:

  1. Integrate knowledge from HRD and related disciplines to support the development of researchers and scholars for diverse settings;
  2. Conduct original research in HRD to contribute to research, theory and practice;
  3. Create, synthesize and disseminate original research about the discipline in a variety of publication and conference venues;
  4. Enhance  HRD leadership capability in a variety of workplace settings including business and industry, education, and healthcare;  and,
  5. Collaborate with national and international leaders to promote the discipline.

Admission Requirements

The following criteria must be met for entry into the program:

  1. Master's degree in HRD, business administration, management or related field from a college or university approved by a recognized regional accrediting body.
  2. 3.0 GPA (on 4.0 scale) on all previous academic coursework.
  3. Submission of GMAT scores (in some cases the GRE may be accepted in lieu of the GMAT) taken within 5 years at time of application to the program.
  4. Submission of a career statement that articulates the purpose for pursing the Ph.D. in HRD, describes potential research interests, and articulates how the attainment of the degree will influence future career goals.  
  5. Submission of a complete resume or curriculum vita.
  6. Submission of three original letters of recommendation that address the applicant's potential as a Ph.D. scholar in HRD.
  7. Submission of a writing sample or a writing sample under timed conditions may also be scheduled.
  8. Participation in an interview with program faculty on the admissions committee.

Degree Requirements

The Ph.D. in HRD is a 60-hour program beyond the master's degree, culminating in a dissertation. For all University requirements for the Ph.D. degree, please refer to the Doctoral Policies section of the Graduate Policies and Programs chapter.

Required HRD Core (12 hrs.)

HRD 6310Advanced Theoretical Foundations of Human Resource Development

HRD 6312Contemporary Issues in the Human Resource Development Literature

HRD 6377Leadership Theory and Practice

HRD 6388Talent Management and Development

Research Courses (30 hrs.)

HRD 6350Disciplined Inquiry in Human Resource Development

HRD 6351Univariate Statistics

HRD 6352Structural Equation Modeling

HRD 6343Foundations of Qualitative Research

HRD 6353Advanced Qualitative Research in Human Resource Development

HRD 6355Multivariate Statistics

HRD 6359Research Seminar in Human Resource Development


HRD 6391Advanced Topics in Human Resource Development

HRD 6360Proposal Development

HRD 6391Advanced Topics in Human Resource Development

HRD 6391Advanced Topics in Human Resource Development

ODC Specialization (18 hrs.)

HRD 6314Organizational Intervention Approaches

HRD 6334Organizational Consulting

HRD 6366Seminar on Organizational Change and Development

Dissertation (9 hrs.)

HRD 6195-6995Dissertation

Special Degree Requirements

For details on university doctoral requirements, see the general graduate section of this catalog and the UT Tyler Graduate Handbook.

  1. On-campus attendance at all class sessions is mandatory.
  2. Continued registration is contingent upon the student maintaining a 3.0 (on 4.0 scale) or higher GPA. To remain in good standing in the HRD Ph.D. program, a student may earn no more than one C grade regardless of their overall GPA. A second C grade or any one grade below a C will subject the student to dismissal from the Ph.D. program in HRD at the discretion of the program director and the Dean of the Soules College of Business.
  3. Violation of the University Honor Code including cheating and plagiarism will subject the student to dismissal from the program.
  4. The Proficiency Examination may be taken after the student has completed all coursework. Students may not advance to candidacy or register for dissertation hours until all coursework is completed and all portions of the Proficiency Examination have been passed successfully.
  5. A dissertation of original research contributing to the body of knowledge in HRD will be required. Students must complete a minimum of 9 hours of dissertation credits. 
  6. Students must meet all doctoral degree requirements of the University.
  7. Students have a maximum of 9 years to complete the doctoral program. Students will have 5 years to complete the program after being admitted into candidacy. Students unable to complete the program within the designated time limits must file for an extension.

Transfer work: Students may not transfer coursework into this program.