Excused Absence for University Events or Activities

When it is necessary for students to miss one or more regularly scheduled classes in order to participate in an official university event or activity, faculty sponsors and program directors will assist students to assure they have the opportunity to make up missed work. In doing so they are requested to observe the following procedures:

  1. At least one month prior to the date(s)* on which students will be absent from class, the faculty sponsor or program director shall send a memorandum to the Chief Student Success Officer. This memorandum shall include information concerning the nature of the event or activity, the dates(s) on which students will be absent from class, and the names of the students involved. The Chief Student Success Officer approves the requested student absence by initialing the memorandum and returning it to the faculty sponsor or program director.
  2. The faculty sponsor or program director provides copies of the memorandum to the students.
  3. Each student delivers a copy of the memorandum to the instructors, in person, at least two weeks* prior to the date of the planned absence. At that time the instructor will set a date and time with the student when the make-up assignment or equivalent work will be completed. Make-up work will be mutually arranged; however, availability of the instructor will be given priority in setting the arrangements.
  4. It is expected that students will not abuse the privilege of being absent from class for authorized university events or activities.

*Events scheduled within the first month of an academic term may require a shortened lead time.