Art B.A. with Art History Concentration

Total Semester Credit Hours=120

Degree Requirements

  1. University Core Requirements (42 hrs.)
  2. A minimum grade of ‘C’ in each art course
  3. Four semesters of an approved foreign language or demonstration of proficiency.
  4. The following courses or equivalent:
    1. Art History Core Requirements: (9 hrs.)
      ART 2303 Art History Survey I
      ART 2304 Art History Survey II
      ART 3340 Aesthetics in Visual Learning
    2. Foreign Language (12-16 hrs.)
    3. Upper-level Art History (34 hrs. minimum)
    4. Minor: Required and selected in related field with advisor approval (18 hrs.)
    5. ART 4192 Senior Exhibition/Thesis (1 hr.)

For all degree programs the final thirty hours in art must be taken at UT Tyler. ART 3315 may be used for teacher certification option only.

Note: All transferred art courses must have the written approval of art chair before being applied to degree.