Art B.F.A.

Admission Requirements

All students wanting to pursue the B.F.A. degree program of study must, within the first nine hours of studio course work at UT Tyler, submit a portfolio to the Faculty Review Committee. Upon approval from the Faculty Review Committee, students will be admitted and may complete a B.F.A. degree plan in consultation with an undergraduate art advisor. If the student is denied entry into the B.F.A. degree program, they will be put on probationary status and may submit another portfolio the following semester. The portfolio reviews are conducted in the last month of each semester (December and April). The Faculty Review Committee, upon request from the student, may waive the review process. (Note: If, after two portfolio reviews, the student is not admitted to the B.F.A. degree program, course work done after the 18-hour review will not apply toward the B.F.A. in Art degree.)

Total Semester Credit Hours=120

Degree Requirements

  1. University Core Curriculum (42 hrs.)
  2. A minimum grade of “C” in each art course
  3. The following courses or equivalent:
    1. Art Core Requirements (42 hrs., listed below)
    2. Upper Division Art History (9 hrs.)
    3. Upper Division Studio (26 hrs. in any of the areas below)
      • General Studio
      • Two-dimensional (painting, printmaking, etc.)
      • Three-dimensional (ceramics, sculpture, etc.) or
      • Art History
    4. ART 4192 Senior Exhibition (1 hr.)

Advanced Drawing

Select one of the following:
ART 3321Intermediate Life Drawing II

ART 4320Advanced Drawing

ART 4373Advanced Drawing Problems

Art Core Requirements: (42 hours)

ART 1311Two-Dimensional Design [TCCN: ARTS 1311]

ART 1312Three-Dimensional Design [TCCN: ARTS 1312]

ART 1316Drawing I [TCCN: ARTS 1316]

ART 2303Art History Survey I [TCCN: ARTS 1303]

ART 2304Art History Survey II [TCCN: ARTS 1304]

ART 2379Beginning Ceramics [TCCN: ARTS 2346]

ART 2316Beginning Painting [TCCN: ARTS 2316]

ART 2333Beginning Printmaking [TCCN: ARTS 2333]

ART 2326Beginning Sculpture [TCCN: ARTS 2326]

ART 3300Composition and Design

ART 3320Intermediate Life Drawing I

ART 3340Aesthetics in Visual Learning

ART 3392Professional Art Practices


For all degree programs the final thirty hours in art must be taken at UT Tyler. ART 3315 may be used for teacher certification option only.

Note: All transferred art courses must have the written approval of the chairperson of the department before being applied to degree.