Health Communication Minor

Health Communication may be chosen as a minor to satisfy certain bachelor degree programs with majors in other fields. This program consists of 18 semester hours in various health related fields. In consultation with their communication studies minor advisor, students can focus their health communication minor based on their interests and goals. 

Degree Requirements

3 hrs of Communication Studies

CMST 4319Interpersonal Health Communication

6 hrs of Public Health

CMST 3324Public Health Communication

ALHS 3360Principles of Community and Public Health

9 hrs of any of the following:

ALHS 3362Behavioral Health

ALHS 4335Global Health

CMST 2313Global Health Communication

CMST 3314Patient Provider Communication

CMST 3325Persuasive Communication

CMST 3345Crisis Communication

CMST 3350Risk Communication

CMST 3355Communication and Personal Relationships

CMST 4310Family Communication

CMST 4331Intercultural Communication

CMST 4370Undergraduate Internship Program