Political Science B.A./B.S.

The discipline of Political Science offers both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in Political Science, as well as minors in Pre-Law, International Relations, International Studies, Terrorism Studies, and Political Science.


The discipline of Political Science provides a comprehensive understanding of the problems and processes of politics. In addition to acquiring critical writing, communications, and analytical skills, political science majors master the political institutions of both Texas and the United States, explore the intricacies of international relations and foreign policy, compare political systems, gain experience with the law, and are challenged by the basic philosophical questions of political existence.

A field of great breadth and diversity, political science is a very popular undergraduate major. Curricula promote critical thinking, ethics, citizenship skills, an understanding of cultural and social diversity within the national and international context and communication and technological skills.

A degree in political science is excellent preparation for a career in law or political analysis. Political science majors qualify for public sector careers in local, state and federal governments, international organizations, and pre-college and college teaching, as well as careers in journalism, finance, political campaigns, and interest groups and organizations. Training in political science further provides outstanding preparation for participation in community organizations, electoral politics, social and political movements, and elected or appointed positions in government.

Degree Requirements

Total Semester Credit Hours=120

University Core Curriculum (42 hrs.)

A minimum grade of "C" in all political science courses.

Twelve semester hours of upper division political science courses must be completed at this university.

A minimum of 36 semester hours in political science, of which 30 must be upper division, as follows:


POLS 2305Introductory American Government [TCCN: GOVT 2305]

POLS 2306Introductory Texas Politics [TCCN: GOVT 2306]

Political Theory: (3 hours)

POLS 3360Classical Foundations of Western Political Theory

POLS 3361Western Political Theory from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance

POLS 3362Western Political Theory from the Enlightenment

POLS 4353Contemporary Political Theory

POLS 4360American Political Thought

POLS 4361Theories of Nonviolence

POLS 4365 Topics in Political Science when applicable

American Politics: (6 hours)

POLS 3300Development of the First Amendment

POLS 3327Southern Politics

POLS 3330American Political Parties

POLS 3335American Campaign Politics

POLS 3356Practicing Texas Politics

POLS 4320The Judicial System and Process

POLS 4330The American Presidency

POLS 4340Congress and Legislation

POLS 4352Political Behavior

POLS 4355American Politics in Mass Media

POLS 4365 Topics in Political Science when applicable

Comparative Politics: (3 hours)

POLS 3370Comparative Politics

POLS 3372The Politics of Russia and the CIS

POLS 3375European Political Systems

POLS 3380The Politics of Latin America

POLS 3385Politics of Eastern Europe

POLS 3388Politics of Asia

POLS 3395Middle Eastern Politics

POLS 4325Politics of Africa

POLS 4388/RELI 3350Religion and Politics: A Study in Religion and the State

POLS 4365 Topics in Political Science when applicable

International Politics: (3 hours)

POLS 3310International Relations

POLS 3315American Foreign Policy

POLS 3390International Political Economy

POLS 3391Global Studies

POLS 4305International Terrorism

POLS 4310International Conflict

POLS 4315Model United Nations

POLS 4316Model United Nations II

POLS 4350International Diplomacy, Law, and Organization

POLS 4365 Topics in Political Science when applicable

Public Administration and Policy: (3 hours)

POLS 3340Introduction to Public Administration

POLS 3345Urban and Municipal Government

POLS 4335Comparative Health Systems

POLS 4345Public Policy Analysis

POLS 4393The Principles of Public and Political Leadership

POLS 4365 Topics in Political Science when applicable

Legal Studies: (3 hours)

POLS 3300Development of the First Amendment

POLS 3321Jurisprudence

POLS 4320The Judicial System and Process

POLS 4321American Constitutional Law

POLS 4322The Law of Civil Liberties

POLS 4350International Diplomacy, Law, and Organization

POLS 4365 Topics in Political Science when applicable

Methodology: (3 hours)

POLS 4396Political Research and Methodology


SOCI 3396Social Research Methods



Upper-division political science electives (6 hours)

A minor of at least 18 hours, chosen in consultation with an advisor in the minor discipline.

FOR THE BACHELOR OF ARTS DEGREE: At least four semesters of a single foreign language or a satisfactory grade on a written examination approved by the foreign language faculty.

FOR THE BACHELOR OF SCIENCE DEGREE: Six hours from economics, geography, and/or computer science in addition to those otherwise counted as lower-division preparation.

Five-year BA (or BS)/MA 4+1 Program

Undergraduate students in Political Science may choose this program to complete their master’s degree in one additional year. Students may choose thesis or project under this program and they are required to take 9 credits of graduate-level courses (electives) in their senior year. Students interested in this program must obtain department approval to enroll in this program. Students with a minimum GPA of 3.49 will be provisionally admitted to this program in the fall semester of their senior year, and will receive full admission to the graduate program after they complete all BA (or BS) graduation requirements. Students must obtain an average “B” grade in all the graduate-level courses taken during their senior year.