Pre-Law Minor

The Pre-Law minor is an 18-hour interdisciplinary minor designed to prepare students for a post-graduate study of law. It consists of 9 hours of legal content specific courses and 9 hours of law preparation and application courses. Courses taken to fulfill requirements for a major cannot be applied to the minor. Courses to fulfill these requirements include:

Legal Content Courses (9 hours)

POLS 4321American Constitutional Law

POLS 4322The Law of Civil Liberties

POLS 4350International Diplomacy, Law, and Organization

CRIJ 3326Advanced Criminal Law

CRIJ 4341Criminal Procedure

BLAW 3301Business Law and Social Responsibility

*any class not taken to fulfill the 9 hours of legal content courses can be used to fulfill the law preparation and application requirements. 

Law Preparation and Application Courses (9 hours)

PHIL 2303Introduction to Logic [TCCN: PHIL 2303]

POLS 2320The Study of Law

POLS 3300Development of the First Amendment

POLS 4320The Judicial System and Process

CRIJ 3310Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice

CRIJ 3325Law and Society

CRIJ 4345Courtroom Testimony

ENGL 3308Writing Textual Analysis

ENGL 4380The Language of Argument

SPCM 4328Corporate and Legal Advocacy

*no class can be used to fulfill the Legal Content requirements