Terrorism Studies Minor

The minor in Terrorism Studies is an 18 hour interdisciplinary minor designed to provide students with an understanding of the phenomenon of terrorism as well as related topics and issues. There is one 3 hour required course, with the remaining 15 hours distributed from a list of elective courses.

Degree Requirements

Required Course

POLS 4305International Terrorism

Elective Courses Group A (9 hours)

Take three from the following:
ALHS 3302Human Diseases

COSC 4362Retail Cyber Security

CRIJ 4340Crimes of Violence

POLS 3372The Politics of Russia and the CIS

POLS 3391Global Studies

POLS 3395Middle Eastern Politics

POLS 4310International Conflict

POLS 4365Topics in Political Science

POLS 4388/RELI 3350Religion and Politics: A Study in Religion and the State


Elective Courses Group B (6 hours)

Take two from the following:
RELI 3310Introduction to Judaism

RELI 3320Introduction to Islam

RELI 3330Introduction to Christianity

RELI 3350Topics in Religion and Politics

PHIL 4330Comparative Religious Philosophy

The Special Topics courses will be allowed to count for the minor when the specific subject matter is congruent with this program of study and approved by the program advisor.