Department of Social Sciences

Dr. Thomas Guderjan, Chair

The Department of Social Sciences offers courses leading to undergraduate degrees in criminal justice, economics, social science and social work; courses leading to minors in anthropology, geography and sociology; and elective courses for undergraduate students in other disciplines. At the graduate level, the department offers the Master of Science in Criminal Justice and the Master of Public Administration.


The Department of Social Sciences offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in an interdisciplinary setting. Through teaching, research and service, the department faculty prepares students for continued graduate education, for employment in business, government and the professions, and for an appreciation and understanding of theirs and others' societies. Curricula promote critical thinking, ethics, citizenship skills, an understanding of cultural and social diversity within the national and international context and communication and technological skills. The overall goals are to provide students with skills for life-long learning and to contribute to scholarship for the advancement of knowledge.