RN-BSN Track: Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing

RN Option

The RN-BSN track is designed for registered nurses (ADN or diploma) as an alternative and accelerated educational program for the baccalaureate degree. The curriculum is constructed to augment prior learning and professional experiences of the RN. The program is offered totally on-line to allow the RN the opportunity to attend school while still working. Clinical experiences in RNBS 4601 and RNBS 4631 are structured to enhance previous learning and develop higher levels of critical thinking as a BSN prepared registered nurse.

The curriculum flow is designed for the RN to complete the degree requirements in 12 months of full-time study (3 regular academic semesters – with two 7-week course terms).  Part time study is an option for those who cannot take a full semester of course work. All the RN-BSN courses are web based and offered in two 7-week sessions every semester.

The RN enrolled in the RN-BSN track must successfully complete 30 semester hours of upper division courses in Nursing to earn a BSN degree.  As all applicants for the RN to BSN program already an RN licensure, we recognize the competencies that have already been taught and evaluated by an external licensing agency. Applicants must meet Texas Core requirements and all applicable pre-nursing and associate degree nursing courses upon starting the RN-BSN track. The review and transfer of credits is based upon the RN competencies in alignment of competency-based education and the decision by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to honor the knowledge, skills, and dispositions held by RNs. Associate Degree Registered Nurses who earned their degree via an alternate pathway will be given credit as established by the institution awarding the associate degree. For the RN seeking to graduate with honors, an additional 15 SCH must be taken in order to meet the University requirement of completing 45 SCH at UT Tyler to graduate with honors (see graduation with honors requirements). If the RN applicant wishes to transfer a nursing course from another university that is equivalent to those required at UT Tyler, they must notify the RN-BSN nursing advisor and consideration will be made as to course equivalency.


All Registered Nurses in the RN-BSN track must have a current, active license in the state in which they reside and practice in order to be eligible to complete the required curriculum. Applicants must meet Texas core curriculum requirements.

Semester I (9 hrs.)

RNBS 3303Pathophysiology

RNBS 3312Health Assessment for Registered Nurses

RNBS 3315Professional Development for the Registered Nurse

Semester II (12 hrs.)

RNBS 3333Evidence-Based Decision Making (EBDM)

RNBS 4313Care Coordination for the Registered Nurse

RNBS 4631Nursing Leadership and Management

Semester III (9 hrs.)

RNBS 4309Wellness and Health Promotion

RNBS 4601Community and Population Focused Nursing