Nursing Informatics, Quality and Safety Certificate Program

The Nursing Informatics, Quality & Safety Certificate program prepares the baccalaureate or higher degree-prepared nurse to use evidenced based practice, health care technology and information systems to improve the quality and safety of patient care as well as improve outcomes and lower costs. Skills in quality improvement, data analysis, and information systems selection, implementation and optimization are developed.

Certificate Requirements

Required Courses (12 hrs.)

The successful completion of 12 semester credit hours is required in the Nursing Informatics, Quality & Safety Certificate program. Individuals receive college credit for each course completed. These courses will be listed on an official university transcript and a certificate of completion will be awarded by the School of Nursing.

The following courses must be taken by students in the Nursing Informatics, Quality and Safety Certificate Program:

NURS 5381Healthcare Informatics for the 21st Century

NURS 5383Applied Informatics: Quality, Safety and Cost

NURS 5385Information Systems Life Cycle

NURS 5387Data Analysis and Healthcare Technology

Optional Course (3 hrs.)

NURS 5389Informatics, Quality & Safety Capstone

In order to meet current American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) educational requirements for taking the certification examination in informatics nursing through academic achievement, the optional practicum course (NURS 5389) must be taken, and 200-hours of practicum experience gained.  These requirements are subject to change based on the requirements set forth by the ANCC at