Grade Replacement

A student may request grade replacement only for three course repeats (See Repeating Courses policy) during his/her undergraduate career, and two during their master's career, at UT Tyler; Ph.D. students are ineligible for grade replacement. Grade replacement means that only the last grade earned is used to compute the grade point average. However, all grades will appear on the student’s official transcript. Students must complete a Course Repeat / Grade Replacement Enrollment Form and note the repeated course as “For Grade Replacement” at the time of enrollment.

In cases where a student repeats an eligible course without requesting grade replacement, or has exhausted their available number of “For Grade Replacement” repeats, the student must note the course as repeated “Not For Grade Replacement” on a Course Repeat / Grade Replacement Enrollment Form at the time of enrollment. If a student selects “For Grade Replacement” after exhausting their available grade replacements, the form will be processed as if “Not For Grade Replacement” were selected. For all course repeats using the “Not For Grade Replacement” option, both the original and last grade earned in the course will be used to calculate the overall grade point average.

If a student attempts to repeat a course but withdraws and receives an automatic “W,” the attempt counts against the grade replacement limit and the original grade remains. In cases where a student is granted a "W" based on administrative review, as part of completely withdrawing from a semester, or under the Withdrawal for Active Military Service policy, the course will be administratively reclassified as repeated "Not For Grade Replacement", the attempt will not count against the grade replacement limit, and the original grade remains. Students may, on or prior to the Census Date, request in writing to change their “For Grade Replacement” / “Not For Grade Replacement” selection for a repeated course by contacting the One-Stop Services Center.

A student may not exercise grade replacement for courses taken at UT Tyler and repeated at another college or university, nor may grade replacement be used when a course taken elsewhere is repeated at UT Tyler. The grade replacement option may not be exercised to remove a grade awarded in a case of academic dishonesty. Once a degree has been awarded by UT Tyler, grade replacement may not be used to replace a grade taken before that degree was awarded.