Students on academic probation who do not earn a semester grade point average of 2.0 or above in the next semester of enrollment will be placed on academic suspension. Students on academic suspension will not be eligible to enroll for classes at UT Tyler for the period listed below. Readmission after the first or second suspended term will require the permission of the student's advisor or department chair, and the dean of the college of their major.

First Academic Suspension-- one regular semester or one full summer

Second Academic Suspension-- 12 months

Third Academic Suspension-- Permanent Dismissal.

Petitions for readmission to the university following the first and second suspensions may be obtained from the One-Stop Services Center. It is recommended that the petition be submitted, with appropriate permissions, six weeks prior to the beginning of the semester in which the student wishes to enroll.

Former students who received a third suspension prior to the Fall 2006 semester may petition the Office of Academic Affairs to request readmission to the university. Petitioners must provide a detailed statement, with appropriate supporting documentation, addressing their preparedness for readmission. Upon review of all supplied materials, a decision to grant readmission or uphold Permanent Dismissal status will be issued; this decision is final. If readmission is granted the student will be readmitted under the same restrictions as a student returning from a second academic suspension under the current Catalog, and any subsequent suspension will result in Permanent Dismissal with no option to petition for readmission. Students who received a third suspension in Fall 2006, or any subsequent semester, may not petition for readmission.

A student admitted to the university after having been suspended will be subject to the same restrictions as students on academic probation upon their return.