1.2.3 Purpose and Responsibilities of the Vice President for Business Affairs

A. Purpose

The following describes briefly the general duties and responsibilities of the Vice President for Business Affairs.

B. Duties/Responsibilities

  1. The Vice President for Business Affairs (VPBA) is the chief fiscal officer and provides for the efficient management of the institution's financial and business affairs. Primary duties are to: direct strategic planning and evaluation for the Division of Business Affairs; develop financial plans and strategies; conduct financial analyses; provide for appropriate controls and reports; coordinate and supervise the development of the biennial Legislative Budget Board request and annual operating financial policies; develop and implement personnel policies and programs applicable to non-faculty employees; serve as the Institutional Compliance Officer and direct the operation of the Institutional Compliance Program; custodian of records; and perform other duties as prescribed by the President.
  2. The Vice President for Business Affairs represents The University of Texas at Tyler in matters related to the business and financial management of the institution and is directly responsible to the President. Administrative officials under the direction of the Vice President for Business Affairs include the following:

    • Assistant Vice President and Budget Director

    • Assistant to the Vice President for Business Affairs 

    • Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer

    • Senior Administrative Associate to the Vice President

    • Director of Compliance

    • Director of Human Resources

    • Director of the Physical Plant

    • Chief of University Police

    • Director of Environment, Health and Safety

    • Director of Fine and Performing Arts Center

C. Review

This document shall be reviewed by the Vice President for Business Affairs every five years or as the organization or responsibilities change.


LAST AMENDED: 04/22/2009