1.2.6 Deans and Chairs

A. Purpose

The following describes briefly the general duties and responsibilities of the Deans of Colleges and Chairs of Departments.

B. Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Deans of Colleges

    Deans of colleges are responsible to the President through the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and comprise an advisory committee in all matters relating to curriculum and instruction.

    Deans are the administrative heads of their respective colleges and their responsibilities include the coordination and supervision of the instructional programs in their colleges. The deans recommend faculty appointments, promotion, reemployment and tenure. Deans supervise the preparation of annual instructional budget proposals and are responsible for the expenditures of the college budgets after approval.

    Also, deans recommend course offerings and teaching assignments in the colleges and coordinate the evaluation of instructional effectiveness and student progress. Deans supervise the preparation and periodic revision of course syllabi in the colleges, development of proposals for new degree programs, and the selection of titles to be purchased for the library. Deans also approve purchase of instructional equipment and materials, travel allocations and leave requests.

  2. Chairs of Departments

    Department chairs are responsible directly to the deans of the respective colleges. Chairs are the instructional leaders of the departments and assist the deans in matters of instructional administration within the colleges.

    The department chair is responsible for the overall leadership, management, and administration of the department, including:

    1. Pursuing and achieving departmental excellence in teaching, research, and service;

    2. Strategic planning and goal setting aligned with similar efforts at the college/school and university level;

    3. Management and professional development of faculty members and staff;

    4. Preparation and management of department budget;

    5. Recruitment, retention, evaluation and promotion of faculty;

    6. Development of curriculum;

    7. Communication with faculty and administration;

    8. Enforcement of applicable regulatory policies;

    9. Maintaining an environment of collegiality and shared governance;

    10. Addressing questions, complaints, grievances, and suggestions from faculty, staff, and students;

    11. Performing other duties as assigned by the dean

C.  Review

This document shall be reviewed by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs every five years or as the organization or responsibilities change.


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