2.7.1 Freedom of Expression

A.  Purpose

This policy protects and regulates speech, expression, and assembly of students, faculty, and staff that is not part of the teaching, research, or other official functions of the University, not otherwise sponsored by the University or any academic or administrative unit, and not submitted for academic credit.

B.  Policy and Procedures

  1. The freedoms of speech, expression, and assembly are fundamental rights of all persons and are central to the mission of the University. Students, faculty, and staff have the right to assemble, to speak, and to attempt to attract the attention of others, and corresponding rights to hear the speech of others when they choose to listen, and to ignore the speech of others when they choose not to listen.
  2. Students, faculty, and staff are free to express their views, individually or in organized groups, orally or in writing or by other symbols, on any topic, in all parts of the campus, subject only to rules necessary to preserve the equal rights of others and the other functions of the University. Teaching, research, and other official functions of the University shall have priority in allocating the use of space on campus.
  3. Except as expressly authorized by Subchapter 6-200 in the Student Manual of Policies and Procedures, the University shall not discriminate on the basis of the political, religious, philosophical, ideological, or academic viewpoint expressed by any person, either in the enforcement and administration of these rules or otherwise.
  4. For the complete Freedom of Expression policy and procedures, please see Chapter 6 of the Manual of Policies and Procedures for Student Success, located at this website: http://www.uttyler.edu/mopp/index.php

C.  Responsibilities

The Chief Student Success Officer is over this policy.  Responsibility for the administration of this policy has been delegated to the Director of Student Life and Leadership.

D.  Review

This policy should be reviewed every five years or sooner if necessary by the following stakeholders:

  1. Dean of Students
  2. Student Government Association President or Vice President
  3. Director of Student Life and Leadership
  4. President of Faculty Senate
  5. Chair of University Staff Council
LAST AMENDED: 04/13/2011
REVIEWED:  AY 2014-15