3.1.7 Test of Spoken English

A. Purpose

It is the purpose of this document to establish procedures to assure that all instructional personnel possess the English proficiency.

B. Persons Affected

This policy shall apply to all persons whose native language is other than English who teach a course offered for academic credit, including teaching assistants, instructors, lab assistants, research assistants, lecturers, assistant professors, associate professors, and full professors.

C. Definitions


D. Policy

Prior to hiring the hiring authority will certify that an individual whose native language is other than English has demonstrated proficiency in spoken English.

E. Responsibilities

The Office of the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs is responsible for the administration of this policy.

F. Procedures

The chairperson of the hiring department must certify that faculty whose native language is other than English is proficient in spoken English. The certification shall be sent to Human Resources and a copy maintained in the department.

G. Review

The Divisional Head for this policy is the Provost. Implementation of the policy is the responsibility of chairpersons and deans.


AMENDED: 04/22/2009

AMENDED: 02/2019