3.2.0 Department Chair and Director Workloads

A. Purpose 

This policy provides guidance on workload distribution for chairs/deans.

B. Persons Affected 

University faculty identified as a Chair or Director as used by each academic unit (Department) within all of the Colleges of the University.

C. Definitions 

Department Chair is defined as the administrative leader of an academic department appointed by the Dean with concurrence of the Provost (UTS 182). Some academic departments may refer to this position by another name, which also applies as long as the Academic department leadership position is appointed by the Dean with concurrence of the Provost.

D. Policy

Academic units within the institution are not identical and have different needs and therefore need flexibility in addressing the administrative workload in each of these units. In consultation with individual chairs/directors, deans will annually determine the workloads for these academic leaders.

E. Responsibilities

Provost, deans

F. Procedures

The Department Chair will meet annually with the Dean to determine the workload for the academic year. In consultation with the Chair, the Dean will determine what percentage of the workload will be allocated from the following areas and percentages:

• Leadership/Service – 50-80%

• Teaching – 0-30%

• Scholarship – 10-30%

All three areas would be included in the allocation and the Chair’s workload will not exceed 100%. 

G. Review

The Divisional head for this policy and procedure is the Provost. This policy shall be reviewed every five years or sooner of necessary by the Provost.

APPROVED:  5/20/16

AMENDED:  07/2019