3.2.0 Department Chair and Director Workloads

A. Purpose 

This document provides guidance in establishing and modifying Department Chair (Director) workloads to policy concerning faculty workloads and responsibility. This policy implements for Chairs and/or Directors the University Of Texas System Board Of Regents’ Rules and Regulations (UTS-BRRR), Rule 31006, UTS182 Statewide Policy and Texas Education Code, Section 51.402 (b). No part of this policy may be interpreted or implemented in a manner that is inconsistent with those Rules and Regulations or the Texas Education Code, and includes guidance from The University of Texas at Tyler Handbook of Operation Procedures (UTTyler-HOP) 1.2.6, 3.2.2, 3.2.3.

B. Basis of Policy

Academic units within the Institution are not identical and have different needs and therefore need flexibility in addressing the administrative workload in each of these units.

C. Persons Affected 

University faculty identified as a Chair or Director as used by each academic unit (Department) within all of the Colleges of the University.  

D. Definitions 

As defined in UT System Policy (UTS182) Department Chair is defined as the administrative leader of an academic department appointed by the Dean with the concurrence of the Provost.  Some academic departments may refer to this position by another name, which also applies as long as the Academic department leadership position is appointed by the Dean with concurrence of the Provost. These other titles appointed and serving an academic unit in the manner of a Chair are considered equivalent to a Chair and are included in the term Department Chair within this policy.  To note – UTS Policy 182 2.4.1 and 2.4.2 determine that Department chairs are appointed on the basis of a fiscal year (12 months) and compensated in accordance with institutional policy and is set for the fiscal year (12 months).

E. Policy and Procedures 

The workload used as initial level is that stated in UT System Rule 31006 of 18 semester credit hours per academic year, for full time faculty.  Each Department Chair or equivalent academic position shall be afforded workload release as described in Rule 31006, which provides for up to a maximum of up to six semester hours of workload credit each academic semester.  The maximum administrative reassignment for a Chair is 12 semester credit hours work load credit per academic year which, which contributes to the required 18 semester credit hours of work load, identified as minimum in UTS-BRRR 31006, Sec. 2 and the UTTyler-HOP.

The HOP policy cited also allows for the allocation of up to three (3) semester credit hours to other department faculty to assist in extraordinary administrative loads within a Department. However, under no circumstances shall total administrative allocation for a single academic unit/department exceed a total of 18 semester hours of workload release in any academic year.

F. Compensation Structure

Unless the Department Chair’s original contract provides other specifications for compensation, the compensation structure for the 12 month appointment for a Department Chair or equivalent position shall be composed of 9 months for the regular academic year with an included 3 months summer administrative stipend calculated at 25% of their annual 9 month salary.  In the alternative a Chair may receive an additional 8% (for a total of 33% 9 month contract) for teaching one summer course provided the funding for this teaching is allocated out of self-funded revenues for summer instruction.

G. Responsibilities

The duties of a Department Chair are those identified by University of Texas System (Systemwide Policy) UTS182 Section 5 Roles and Responsibilities.

H. Review

The Divisional Head for this policy and procedure is the Provost. This policy shall be reviewed every five years or sooner if necessary by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs in consultation with the Council of Academic Deans and Academic Chairs Council. 

APPROVED:  5/20/16