3.2.13 Class Attendance

A. Purpose

This document states the institutional policy concerning class attendance.

B. Persons Affected

Students, Faculty, Deans, Registrar

C. Definitions

Not applicable.

D. Policy and Procedures

  1. Responsibility for class attendance rests with the student. A student shall make every attempt to notify each instructor in advance, or as soon as possible thereafter, when there is a legitimate (unforeseen or unavoidable) reason for being absent. Instructors shall include a statement in each course syllabus indicating how a student is to make up assignments missed which result from a legitimate absence.
  2. The University reserves the right to consider individual cases of nonattendance. In general, students are graded on the basis of intellectual effort and performance. In many cases, class participation is a significant element of performance, and nonattendance can adversely affect a student’s grade. Additionally, if an instructor determines that a student has been absent to such a degree as to jeopardize success in the course, the instructor may, with the concurrence of his or her academic dean, inform the student and the Office of the Registrar that the student is to be dropped from the course.

E. Responsibilities

Not applicable.

F. Review

The Divisional Head for this policy is the Provost. This policy shall be reviewed every five years or sooner if necessary by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Council of Academic Deans, the Faculty Senate President and the Student Government Association President.


LAST AMENDED: 04/22/2009