4.2.7 Review and Process of Contracts

A. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to set forth the procedures regarding the review and processing of Contracts.

B. Authority

UT System Board of Regents - Rules and Regulations

UT System Office of General Counsel - Contract Processing Procedures

University of Texas System Policy UTS145 - Processing of Contracts

C. Persons Affected

All UT Tyler employees.

D. Definitions

Contract: Any written agreement, regardless of title, which UT Tyler proposes to enter into pursuant to the purchase of goods and services, or any other contractual relationship, and which contains terms and conditions that legally obligate UT Tyler. For the purposes of this Policy the term Contract shall not include UT Tyler’s Purchase Order.

OGC: The UT System Office of General Counsel.

E. Contract Review Procedures

  1. The University Counsel is responsible for the review and processing of all Contracts, excepting sponsored research contracts (which are reviewed by the UT Tyler Office of Sponsored Research). 
  2. All Contracts must be reviewed in accordance with OGC Contract Review Procedures and UTS145.
  3. All Contracts must be signed by a UT Tyler officer with delegated signature authority to execute and deliver Contracts on behalf of UT Tyler. 
  4. All Contracts related to the purchase of goods and services must be awarded in accordance with UT Tyler Purchasing Procedures.
  5. Contracts should be sent to the University Counsel for review. Questions should be directed to Mr. Mike Donley, University Counsel, at (903) 566-7284 or mdonley@uttyler.edu 

F. Review

This policy shall be reviewed by the UT Tyler Office of Division of Operations every year, or sooner if warranted by changes to applicable legislation, the Regents’ Rules, or UT System policy.