4.16.2 Privacy and Security of Personal Information

A. Purpose

It is the intention of this policy/procedure to describe the contents of employee personnel files, provide for their confidentiality and establish rights of access.

B. Persons Affected

All employees

C. Definitions


D. Policy and Procedures

  1. Contents
    1. The personnel file on each individual contains information which is necessary for initial employment and promotion thereafter. To protect employees' privacy, these regulations must be followed.
    2. Before being employed an applicant has a complete personnel file which contains:
      1. A completed Application for Employment plus any additional information or test scores that may be required for a specific job vacancy.
      2. A placement file from an employment agency or other institution, and current references from the person named on the application.
      3. Any other correspondence, evaluations, or notations added to this file by the Personnel Department.
    3. Prior to employment, the applicant may request that the application be withdrawn. If so, the application is to be marked and placed in the Inactive File. If an applicant chooses in the future to re-apply the file will be reviewed. Inactive files are destroyed one year from date of original interview.
    4. After employment by the University, all correspondence, evaluations, and other information relative to an employee's work will be placed in the employee's personnel file. It is the responsibility of the employee to see that the file contains up-to-date transcripts and other pertinent achievements.
  2. Access
    1. An employee may review his/her file at any time at the Personnel Office.
    2. Personnel files are subject to the Open Records Act and requests for access to these materials will have to be reviewed on a case by case basis.
    3. Each employee may choose to deny public access to the information in the custody of The University of Texas at Tyler relating to the employee's home address and telephone number by informing the personnel officer in writing of his or her desire to have the information withheld. If an employee fails to make a written request, the information is subject to public access. See Vernon’s Texas Codes Annotated, Government Code § 552.117.
    4. A negative employee performance record should not be used for disciplinary reasons if the employee has maintained an acceptable record for 24 months.
  3. References/Former Employees
    1. In order to insure consistency and accuracy in furnishing employee reference information requests for information regarding non-faculty employees shall be directed to Human Resources and requests regarding faculty members shall be referred to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
    2. Employer information such as termination ratings, exit interview, and any other data concerning University service is retained after the employee has terminated.

E. Responsibilities

See Policy and Procedures section.

F. Review

This policy shall be reviewed by Human Resources every five years or as legislation changes.


LAST AMENDED:  04/22/2009

REVIEWED:  AY 2014-15