5.14.1 Disability Accommodation

A. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to give guidelines and procedures for accommodating students with accessibility needs.

B. Persons Affected

This policy applies to students, faculty, and staff.

C. Definitions

“Reasonable Accommodations” are academic modification and auxiliary aids and services that are not unduly burdensome, financially or administratively, and that do not require a fundamental alteration to a program.

D. Policy and Procedures

  1. Purpose and Scope. It is the policy of The University of Texas at Tyler to afford equal opportunity to otherwise qualified students with accessibility needs to participate in and benefit from all its programs, services and activities.

    An otherwise qualified student is an individual with a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life functions, has a record of such an impairment, or is regarded as having such an impairment, and who with or without reasonable accommodation is able to meet all of a program’s requirements. More details can be found in the Manual of Operating Policies & Procedures for Student Affairs Subchapter 3.2.

  2. Reasonable Accommodations. Reasonable accommodations can include but are not limited to the following:

    1. Program modifications, such as changes in the length of time permitted for the completion of degree requirements, substitution of specific courses required for the completion of degree requirements, and adaptation of the manner in which specific courses are conducted;

    2. Adjustments to testing situations such as extended time for taking a test or taking a test in a separate room; and

    3. Auxiliary aids and services such as qualified interpreters, note-takers, assistive listening devices or other effective methods of making aurally delivered materials available to students with hearing impairments; orally given tests, screen readers in libraries, or other effective methods of making materials available for students with visual impairments, and classroom equipment adapted for use by students with manual impairments, and other similar services and actions.

  3. Eligibility for Accommodation Services. A student requesting accommodation services is required to register for services through the Student Counseling Center. The student requesting services should make an appointment with the counselor at least four weeks prior to the beginning of the semester. During the initial appointment with the counselor, the student will complete an Application for Disability Support Service and provide disability verification information that includes:

    1. A specific diagnostic statement identifying the disability, date of the current diagnostic evaluation, and the date of the original diagnosis;

    2. A description of the diagnostic criteria and/or diagnostic test(s) used;

    3. A statement as to permanency of each condition/disability;

    4. Information on how each condition/disability affects the individual with regard to physical, emotional, or cognitive limitations and the severity and limitations within the classroom environment;

    5. Treatments, medications, assistive devices, services currently prescribed or in use;

    6. Specific recommendations as to the types of reasonable accommodation such as extra time for testing, note taking assistance, auxiliary aids, etc.; and

    7. The credentials of the diagnosing professional(s).

  4. Procedures. Faculty members are encouraged to place information in each course syllabus regarding the availability of disability support services. The following statement is recommended: “If you have a disability including learning disabilities for which you request an accommodation, please contact the Disability Support Services office so that the appropriate arrangements may be made. In accordance with federal law, a student requesting accommodations must provide documentation of his/her disability to the Disability Support Services counselor. For more information, contact Disability Support Services in the University Center, Room UC 3150. The telephone number is 903-566-7079.”

    Once eligibility has been determined by the support services counselor and accommodations decided upon, a Special Accommodation Request is completed and provided to the student. The Special Accommodation Request is completed each succeeding semester that the student requests disability support services. The student must request disability support services at least 15 days prior to the beginning of each succeeding semester to assure accommodations are received the first week of class. A copy of the student’s registration must accompany the request for services. The student should provide the Special Accommodation Request to the appropriate faculty member. The student should discuss with the faculty member relevant information that will assist in providing the approved accommodation. The faculty member will assure that the student receives the approved accommodation. The disability support services counselor is available to the student and faculty member for consultation.

  5. Grievance Procedure. Complaints concerning disability accommodations shall be filed in writing to the disability accommodation counselor. The disability accommodation counselor will present the case within five (5) working days to the Chief Student Affairs Officer who will pursue the grievance with the appropriate academic institutional officer. A written decision will be mailed to the complainant within ten (10) working days of its receipt by the Chief Student Affairs Officer.

E. Responsibilities

The Chief Student Affairs Officer is over this policy. Responsibility for implementation of this policy has been delegated to the Director of Student Services.

F. Review

This policy shall be reviewed every five years by the following stakeholders:

Director of Student Services

Director of Environmental Health and Safety

Faculty Senate President

Student Government Association President

LAST AMENDED:  04/22/2011